Self-Love Begins With Self-Care

Are you giving to everyone but yourself? The life of your dreams requires care – selfcare and self-love. I designed this E-book to be a launchpad of inspiration for helping you develop unique ways to give yourself the care that you deserve.

We care for what we love. If you need help incorporating selfcare routines into your life, rest assured that you are not broken. You do not need to be fixed. You just need to be reminded that you are worthy of the selfcare and selflove you crave. You are worthy of the life you imagine!

Remind me now! 

Coach Francesca Puccio Self-Love and Self-Care Coach

Hello, my name is Francesca.

If you look like you have it all together but feel completely lost on the inside, then Sister – we need to talk! Like… right now!

I’m Francesca, your self-love and self-care coach, and I’m on a mission to help women discover the power they have to re-ignite their life in a way that reflects their truest self. As a Certified Wellness Coach and the sisterhood-appointed Fairy Godmother of Fun, I will empower you to forge the balance required for internal and external thriving.

We all can overcome what is holding us back! If you are tired of feeling like you are stumbling through life, then I’m so glad you found me! I believe it is time for your external reality to match the life of your dreams. The process of healing, breaking free from limiting perspectives, and spreading your wings is a journey of self-discovery and I know the path well and can tell you that achieving health, happiness, and balance in life is an adventure worth taking. You deserve some self-love.

I am ready to embark when you are! Shall we?

Let’s Create A Happy, Healthy, Vibrant Lifestyle Together full of Self-Care and Self-Love


Discover proven healthy habits that you can implement into your daily life to get the restful sleep your body deserves.

Imagine your life like this! After a relaxing evening, your head hits the pillow as you slowly drift into a deep sleep. You wake up feeling well-rested with excitement for the day ahead. You’re full of energy to conquer your tasks for the day until it’s time to rest again.


You’ll find our focus is around healthy eating, combined with stress-releasing days of fun, moderate exercise, proper supplementation & lots of self-care.

We’ll get you going with basic concepts, and then will add more advanced Slim, Sexy & Smart secrets to maintain your progress all while helping you to be your best you.


Learn how to make lasting changes that have the potential to impact the rest of your life! The purpose of the program is to move toward a life of authentic joy and fulfillment and builds on that with weekly activity and self-love.


Eliminate stress by clearing away and decluttering your space. Also you will get some quick wins to “lighten” your life and clear away some clutter. Find a healthy balance in life with The Clutter Cleanse.

I am always touched when I meet an enlightened individual such as Francesca. She has a way of coaxing the creative spirit inside all of us. I took her Creative Meaningful Contacts class in which we created our own vision board. It was really enjoyable and a great affirmation of what I want in my life. Francesca is a wonderful life coach in that regard. She is always rooting for you highest endeavors and pursuit. I cannot have asked for a better thought leader and supporter of my goals!

Mark Zecca

Francesca is tremendously helpful in helping me cut through all the clutter and get to important actions that work for me. An example of this is my difficulty remembering names and faces. Not good in real estate…she helped me tremendously in this area as well as discussing with her the tendency to talk over a client, rather than probing and listening. As we call them these are just two “aha’s “I have taken away during my training with her. She is the best.

Steve B

I realized being held accountable truly works and keeps us in track and in align with our goals. I recognized my hidden abilities and yet learning how others overcome the challenges that you fear.

Shifra Saraf