My Favorite Things

Hello Sister-Friends!

Welcome to my wonderful world of color and fun. I take my Fairy Godmother of Fun and La Musa nicknames very seriously, and after many requests, I have decided to grant your wish and spill the tea:

These are all my favorite things – all in one place. #You’reWelcome
On this page you will find all the fun, delightful, and uplifting things I rely on to host magical tea parties along with some of my personal favorite self-care supplies and most-loved books. Whether you are looking for inspiration on how to host a tea party, what to read next, or how to welcome in more uplifting fun into your world, this is the page for you.

From tea party tips and theme ideas to party favors and more, I hope that this list of
resources inspires you transform past the caterpillar stage – because it’s butterfly time!
Your story is beaut-TEA-ful, even if it is not perfect. In this community, we believe there is freedom in the perfectly imperfect, and I hope this list of my favorite things helps you embrace the power of your own imagination and find joy at every age and stage of life.

Much love,

Raindrops on roses and kettles on stoves,
Teacups on saucers, and laughs by the droves,
Coloring life in every shade fun brings,
These are a few of my favorite things!

I love to ask, “What is it that inspires her?”
That little girl inside of you, what does she prefer?”
It’s time to set the table and spill the tea.
Color outside the lines and set your whimsical Soul free.

You – like a star – are simply not static.
Your dreams don’t belong locked away in the attic.
At every age and stage, you’re here to shine and be a light.
All colors are Holy – red, brown, yellow, black, and white.

There’s whimsy in the whacky, and joy in the magic,
Beauty in the chaos and healing the tragic.
I’m here to remind you: you haven’t lost your wings.
Simply remember your favorite things.


Diagnosis: You have been diagnosed as magical.

Prescription: Sparkle. If you experience any difficulties, try the following:

1. Spread your brilliant light by having fun doing what you love.
Host the tea party. Start the book club. Spread your wings. Write the book. Chase the dream.
Wear the hat. Sprinkle glitter everywhere. Play with chalk on the sidewalk. Drink too much tea.
(It’s not possible, but try.) I don’t care how old you are. I care about what your favorite color is and how long it’s been since you’ve had a good belly laugh.

2. Shop all my favorite things on Amazon and add joy to your cart.
Check out from the worries and embrace joy. Shop for my favorite things from the products below.

3. Become the real you again. Be the woman who has the energy and passion to do the things she loves. Need some help? Explore my coaching programs

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Recommended Books

Tea Party Supplies

Self-Care Products

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