Live In Gratitude

There are many scientifically proven benefits to incorporating more gratitude into your life, and as we enter into the heart and soul of autumn, I wanted to share with you some of the ways an attitude of gratitude can elevate your life.

What is gratitude?

Gratitude is so much more than a mere feeling of thankfulness!

Yes, being thankful and feeling appreciative is a foundational first step, but gratitude is a mindset, not a fleeting feeling or action. Think of it like this…

Thankfulness is a seed.

When you take a moment to be thankful, you plant that seed. Gratitude is the growth that happens next. And for gratitude to continue to grow and flourish, it needs to be watered, nourished, and cared for in order to bring about the abundant harvest of benefits.

10 Scientifically proven benefits of gratitude

Harvard Health, Berkely, and many other prestigious research centers have scientifically proven that gratitude improves your health and life on just about every level. Benefits of gratitude include:

  1. Greater happiness
  2. Greater health
  3. Improved immune system
  4. Better sleep
  5. Less physical pain
  6. Longer lifespan
  7. More energy
  8. Higher levels of motivation
  9. Improved relationship satisfaction
  10. Reduced stress

Grow in gratitude 

A Gratitude Journal is the mindful practice of jotting down things you are grateful for every day, and keeping a Gratitude Journal is a wonderful place to start growing in gratitude. I encourage you to build upon this practice by finding little ways to make gratitude an intrinsic part of your life – not just in October,  but 365 days a year.

Gratitude is a lifestyle that helps you make sense of your life, find meaning in simple joys, and cherish loved ones with the appreciation they deserve. Gratitude is the manifestation of love, devotion, and commitment towards the people and causes that mean the most to you. It encompasses a deeper understanding of our place in the Universe and acknowledges that love is what connects all of us.  As we enter into the special season of thankfulness, I encourage you to find a Gratitude Journal, and incorporate this simple but powerful practice of embracing gratitude into your daily routine.

Happy Days Ahead

Coach Francesca